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2010-03-23 00:15:14

A quick reference for savvy computer users. Details below if you need them.

There are five different ways to get your (Westborough) event listed in the Events page on

  1. Use (Show me how ...)
  2. Enter you event on your Facebook page. Note that your page should be listed with address within 5 miles of Westborough!  With luck, we should automatically pick it up... or,
  3. Provide us a link to Your Web-based Calendar (Show me how...)  This is good if you maintain a regular Google calendar for your group, for example
  4. Visit this form and enter your info:
  5. Or, send email to: (I trust you already know how to do this!)

Also, if you have a calendar (like Google Calendar, or a web site that exports an iCal feed), we can link directly to your data.

The benefits of #1, #2 and #3 is that you retain control of your listing. Eventful has a database that feeds the venue chooser. The best part of that is no-one can reference the same location in different ways. They say "Library", you say "Public Library", I say "Westborough Library"... but those sites will pop up a list that you may choose from. This way, one can brows events at at given location. Sweet!

Another benefit and Eventful is that you retain control over the event listing, even after you've submitted it. Eventful requires you to"register" for their sites. Just so you know. Fortunately, it's FREE!

Using our event form, as in #4, lets you stay on It aims, however, to collect as much the same information as #1.

Finally, #5 is the "last resort" and you may send us the details of your event in an email message. The downside of this approach is that we may have mail back-and-forth several times if the event information is unclear to us.

PLEASE NOTE ==> "HERE'S HOW" video links are not yet set up. Sorry for that; soon, we hope!

For detailed text-based help on the above, please see the rest of this article

When video help become available, we will present a small video clip that will illustrate how to use options 1 through 3 as listed above.

Thanks for your patience.




This section updated 02-Aug-2014.

This is a text-based "HOW TO" for listing events with

One of the goals of this site is to provide residents of the town with useful information about the town -- and Westborough Event Listings of cultural, educational, social, and political importance certainly qualify.

The process for listing an event on our site has changed. We now rely on a "self-service" model where you post the event and we pick it up. Need to change it? You make the change, and we'll get the update.

We do this in several ways: by referencing two major online event services, and by direct linkage to certain web-based calendars.

This article describes the ways your events will be displayed on

You're still welcome to submit longer text articles. If you wish to send us a writeup about your event (in addition to having posted it) we're happy to receive and post such articles.

Any questions? Use the contact form at the bottom of this page or send an email to:

events (at)

Four Ways to List Events on

1. How to Create an Event on Eventful (OR EventBrite!) ( OR (

A similar service is "Eventful". (And since the original 2009 version of this page, "EventBrite".  Again, you'll need to sign up. To do so, click on "Sign Up" in their top menu bar and follow the instructions. If you have an account, just sign in.

Once you're signed in, click on "+ Add event" and follow the directions. Contact us if you need any help. The ad

Just like Upcoming, be sure to choose a venue that's in Westborough, i.e. 01581.

Please note - your event won't show up immediately, as our event service updates only about once a day to pull in new events.

2. Create an event on your Facebook page

"Events" should be listed on the left-hand side.  Please consult Facebook help for more info.  Be sure the location you pick has a Westborough street address listed!

3. Provide a Link to Your Web-based Calendar

If your event is from a web-based calendar of events such as Google Calendar (, we may be able to link directly to your full calendar. Check with your service or webmaster to see if your calendar software supports the iCalendar format for sharing data. If so, let us know the URL and we will add it to our events listing system. If you have a web-based calendar but you're not using the iCal format, contact us and we may be able to help your organization.

If you're using Google Calendar, click on "Settings" under "My calendars". Then, locate your calendar and click on its name to pull up the Details page. Find the section "Calendar Address:" and click on the ICAL button to reveal the iCal URL.

Send that information to:

events (at)

4. Use our new form

Visit our Google form link at:

This should allow you to post an event that will be included in our internal calendar database feed:

5. Email us directly

Or, you can send a writeup of your event to events (at) via email. Please be sure to include:

  • Who is the event sponsor?
  • What is the name and description of the event?
  • Where will it be held - with address
  • When is the event? Is it All-day or does it start at a specific time?
    Is there an end-time?
  • Your name and email so we may contact you.

Thanks! Questions? Feel free to add comments below to this article

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