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Monday, 09 June 2014 19:27

It started back in 2010, with news about this proposal.  It was reported on Wicked Local:

By Staff reports

Posted Apr 19, 2010 @ 05:24 PM

The state Department of Capital Asset Management earlier this month sent the town of Westborough a request for proposals seeking lease space for a state agency.

DCAM is looking for 6,100 square feet of office space to house the Office of the District Attorney, Middle District. In addition to Westborough, Shrewsbury, Auburn and Worcester were also included in the search area.

The deadline for proposals to be submitted is May 5, according to a letter sent to Board of Selectmen Chairman Leigh Emery on April 5.

Cool!  Economic development for Westborough!  I wrote the Economic Development Committee, "hey can you help promote this?"  No answer.  But I learned about it late .. deadline for proposal was Wednesday, May 5.

I found another office building owner, and shared the above article with them, along with this information

Here's a link to the overall RFP details and various documents; you need to click on the various tabs and click the "eyeglasses" icons at the right to see the docs:;jsessionid=LXZvTDTBGxpZnJdDTQQ2LvByQs7LVHB1hmmk8nVX7fhNb7QJQs7c!1937394373?action=soltypeCd&docStatus=OPEN&docViewType=OPEN&docUserId=3455&doValidateToken=false&docId=120138&soltypeCd=UNIVERSAL

FYI, here's one of the docs, the "Request for Proposals (RFP) and Cover Memorandum", fyi:

Now it gets curious.

Come Thursday May 6th, here's a press release issued by MassDevelopment, that starts off with:


May 6, 2010

MassDevelopment has made a $2.8 million commercial real estate mortgage loan to 184 Main Street Associates LLC, which will use the funds to purchase and renovate the formerly vacant Plummer Building in downtown Worcester. The five-story, 21,019-square-foot building at 180 Main Street, originally built in 1890, will be converted to commercial office space for the Central Massachusetts District Attorney’s Office. Nearly 100 employees from the District Attorney’s Office will move to the new space when construction is complete later this year.

Bold/underline is mine.  See full link here.

Now... how can this be?  The deadline for BIDS was May 5.

And here the very next day, is an article that alludes to the 'winners' of said bid!

Thus, my investigative project begins...

Fast forward to June, 2014.   Here's some additional info:


  • North Point Construction Management's page on their $2.3M Worcester District Attorney's Office project
  • From the archives, this Central Planner document specifies (we think) the bid info:
    • For the WEEK OF APRIL 11, 2010,
    • Deadline: 05/05/10 2:00 PM
    • Project #: 200965000.1
    • User Agency: Office of the District Attorney, Middle District
    • Space Type: Office
    • Usable Sq. Ft.: 6,100
    • Location: Auburn, Shrewsbury, Westborough or Worcester

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