A STUNNING TURNOUT in the 2013 Westborough Town Election!

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Wednesday, 06 March 2013 07:38

Never before has there been such a clear mandate from the people! 

The people that STAYED AT HOME IN DROVES, that is.

Yessir, nearly 90% of our local electorate shouted unequivocally with their silence, expressing their full  acceptance and embrace of our town's management and direction presently undertaken by our elected bodies.

Hail to the 1,229 out of 11,140 registered voters who bothered to visit their local precincts -- on a beatiful weather day, no less! -- to re-elect selectmen regulars Tim Dodd and Leigh Emery.

Taxes?  Shmaxes!  CLEARLY, Westborough is doing just fine.  High tax rates?  P'shaw.  Did you know that if you voted, you're in the minority?!  That's because 90% of your fellow citizens concluded the process is just fine, on track, super-dee-duper, no reason to get out and make a few little marks on a piece of paper.

Friends, let the record show, we have no budget issues, waste or overrun. Well, certainly nothing of issue that isn't already well-in-hand by "current management".

Make no mistake, what other conclusion could one make, when NINETY PERCENT of the voting public, when faced with the prospect of going to the polls,  just say "meh".

I guess it really is true, that adage expressed by French political philosopher, Alexis de Tocqueville, who wrote that in a democracy, we get the government we deserve.

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