Horrible Customer Experience at a Local Retailer

Written by Webmaster
Tuesday, 17 November 2009 16:57
I want to share my story with the people who live in and around Westborough.

Today, my 70-year old mother had a horrible experience at a local retailer. She flew to MA from out of town with just a few hours' notice to care for me -- bringing three days' clothes. She has now been here two weeks, as my situation has complicated.  So she's trying to get creative with her clothes!

I suggested she try this wonderful store, Definitely Wendy. So my exhausted and worried mother went in, with many many $ available to spend. However, she looks haggard and a little ratty in the clothes that have been working so hard for two weeks.

This boutique is much like the ones my wonderful mother frequents in her home town. The service, however, was not.

When she touched a shirt, the salesperson -- who is the owner -- told her not to touch. In fact, the rude and dismissive behavior led my mother, who had in mind THREE nice outfits instead walked out.


It is dangerous to judge a book by its cover. You never know what is really going on inside. To the owner of Definitely Wendy, you have not only lost my business but you have made me very sad and disappointed that my community behaves this way.

I hope that others will reconsider bringing their business to this lousy establishment.

Ellen Rutter, Hopkinton