Confused - new restaurant Tavolino???

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Wednesday, 28 October 2009 22:38

[We received the following 26-Oct-2009.  Additional comments welcome.  --webmaster]

This is not an advertisement....but simply a very poor, poor commitment to the community when a new restaurant moves in called Tavolino near "Baystate" and doesn't invite its neighbors in for a drink.

I've walked the dog several times by the business and there is no "welcome" to those hundreds of residents that drive by this newly opened establishment daily. I haven't received a letter in the mail or coupon that says come try us. I know they are high end, but give me a break - you came into our neighborhood and you can't extend the invite so that we can create a viral marketing campaign and support your business in a recession?

What has happened here? The neighbors are all a buzz that this new restaurant opened....and the understanding from the community, these are limited conversations, is that Tavolino has no intention of marketing to us - is this true? Shame on you, we have choices.

This is not about a free drink, this is about setting the correct tone in a community with lovely people all trying to live a good and healthy life. We like supporting small businesses and we will continue to support those that reach out to us and make us feel at "home".

I challenge Tavolino to share its neighborhood marketing plan - that is if you have one.

Laura Milewski

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