Biking on Downtown Sidewalks - do the Selectmen care?

Written by Webmaster
Monday, 20 July 2009 22:47

[Received the following from Phil the Barber on 14-July.  Comments? -- Webmaster]

After years of minor accidents in front of my barbershop downtown, a small child got hit by a bicycle. While not seriously injured, it may be a wakeup call for the selectmen to monitor the law of not riding bikes, skateboards etc. on downtown sidewalks.

I have also been winged by a bike, and just last week, I almost got hit again coming out of my shop. Yes, I do look when I come out, but the bikes are going so fast, it sometimes is hard to react. Signs placed in locations in town just do not work. Closer monitoring by the Police Dept. needs to be enacted.

My point to this note is, there would be a major lawsuit against the town if someone were to get hit seriously enough. Thank goodness it has not happened yet.

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