Banning Dogs from the Park is Not the Answer

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Monday, 20 July 2009 22:52

[Received the following comment on the site today, and thought it deserved more prominent exposure.  Please feel free to add your comments -- Webmaster]

Parkview on the Common and dogs

It's been brought to my attention that the potential to ban dogs from Parkview on the Commoon, specifically the Park on Union Street is under consideration. I live in the condos facing the Park.

This makes me sad as a dog owner because I can tell you that the majority of us, do pick up after our dogs and I can also tell you who doesn't. Those that drive up from surrounding towns and are frequenting the restaurants in the area, love to park, eat, leave their dogs in the car and then walk their dogs w/o picking up. Those that daily frequent the park, also pick up after those that didn't because we don't want ourselves to be subject to this.

Let me also describe the bigger part of the issue in this park - first hand - I pick up after the kids. Yes, the kids that come and leave their food trash, their papers and their dead, soupy, sticky icecream sticks and their starbucks coffees, etc. We take a garbage bag and walk this property. So before anyone bans dogs from park that is truly enjoyed by many, please review the real issue of trash and critters associated with sandwiches left behind and bottles of all sorts. We love this park and so do those that don't have dogs who's lives are enriched by a critter that wags his tail at them and puts a smile on their stressed out lives. Let's come up with a solution not a slammed door. Thank you.

Laura Milewski

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