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WCLT thanks community for 15 years of support

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Friday, 01 June 2012 21:02
Letter to the Editor: 15th Anniversary Thanks from WCLT

To the Editor:

The Westborough Community Land Trust (WCLT) would like to express its gratitude to all those in the community who have helped us celebrate our 15th anniversary. Our gratitude also goes to the people of Westborough for their support over the past 15 years as our organization has grown from 14 founders to more than 300 residents. Thanks to all who have volunteered their time and labor, made monetary contributions, left bequests, or donated land and easements.

We appreciate the people who have attended our walks and talks, taken part in our activities such as our nature photography contest and the annual Earth Day clean-up, and joined our work parties. They have helped WCLT to clear invasive plants and build and maintain Charm Bracelet and other trails, as well as open space areas such as WCLT’s Gilmore Pond. To gain a greater appreciation of nature, residents and teachers have regularly read WCLT’s “Nature Notes.”

For our gala 15th anniversary wine tasting, we thank Arturo’s Ristorante for hosting the event and Julio’s Liquors for providing the wine. Domenic Fabiano and Dan McCurley, along with the staff of Arturo’s, created a memorable celebration. Tim Korby from Julio's Liquors/Angel Share and his wine experts ensured the party’s success.

We are also grateful to these donors of our prizes: the O'Reilly Family, the Emery Family Farm, Nan Burke, Lake Champlain Chocolates, Kate Bardsley, Ian and Maureen Johnson, and Tim Koehler. Each guest took home a wine glass, etched with the WCLT logo, as a special anniversary memento. Cellist James Hardy of Worcester and St. John's school provided beautiful music.

Proceeds from this celebration benefit WCLT and the cause of land preservation in Westborough. We thank all of our members, old and new, for supporting us.


John Metzger
Westborough Community Land Trust (WCLT)

[Please visit http://westboroughlandtrust.org for more info on WCLT -- webmaster]

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Reqest for Referral: Flooding aftermath, need carpentry and/or carpet work

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Tuesday, 23 March 2010 13:45

Over on Facebook, "Westborough Moms" posted a request for referral:

Basement flooded last week due to a broken water heater..anyone have a carpenter/carpet referral?

Any suggestions from our readership?  Please comment below.  Thank you.

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Welcome to the neighborhood??

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Tuesday, 01 December 2009 23:23

[The following was submitted as a forum comment on 2009-11-30 11:04:11.  I felt it deserved its own article. -- webmaster]

My husband and I are thrilled to be brand new residents here in Westborough and were honored to host our family for Thanksgiving. However we were incredibly dismayed to find that our family was all ticketed and fined for parking on the street in front of our home. Our home, on a holiday, in a quiet neighborhood??? Does this mean that we can never have visitors to our new home. Our driveway is small, so people will always need to park on the lawn/street in front of our home when they come to visit. I just can't believe that my entire family went home on Thanksgiving with leftovers and parking tickets! Welcome to the Neighborhood!


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Horrible Customer Experience at a Local Retailer

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Tuesday, 17 November 2009 16:57
I want to share my story with the people who live in and around Westborough.

Today, my 70-year old mother had a horrible experience at a local retailer. She flew to MA from out of town with just a few hours' notice to care for me -- bringing three days' clothes. She has now been here two weeks, as my situation has complicated.  So she's trying to get creative with her clothes!

I suggested she try this wonderful store, Definitely Wendy. So my exhausted and worried mother went in, with many many $ available to spend. However, she looks haggard and a little ratty in the clothes that have been working so hard for two weeks.

This boutique is much like the ones my wonderful mother frequents in her home town. The service, however, was not.

When she touched a shirt, the salesperson -- who is the owner -- told her not to touch. In fact, the rude and dismissive behavior led my mother, who had in mind THREE nice outfits instead walked out.


It is dangerous to judge a book by its cover. You never know what is really going on inside. To the owner of Definitely Wendy, you have not only lost my business but you have made me very sad and disappointed that my community behaves this way.

I hope that others will reconsider bringing their business to this lousy establishment.

Ellen Rutter, Hopkinton Add a comment

Confused - new restaurant Tavolino???

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Wednesday, 28 October 2009 22:38

[We received the following 26-Oct-2009.  Additional comments welcome.  --webmaster]

This is not an advertisement....but simply a very poor, poor commitment to the community when a new restaurant moves in called Tavolino near "Baystate" and doesn't invite its neighbors in for a drink.

I've walked the dog several times by the business and there is no "welcome" to those hundreds of residents that drive by this newly opened establishment daily. I haven't received a letter in the mail or coupon that says come try us. I know they are high end, but give me a break - you came into our neighborhood and you can't extend the invite so that we can create a viral marketing campaign and support your business in a recession?

What has happened here? The neighbors are all a buzz that this new restaurant opened....and the understanding from the community, these are limited conversations, is that Tavolino has no intention of marketing to us - is this true? Shame on you, we have choices.

This is not about a free drink, this is about setting the correct tone in a community with lovely people all trying to live a good and healthy life. We like supporting small businesses and we will continue to support those that reach out to us and make us feel at "home".

I challenge Tavolino to share its neighborhood marketing plan - that is if you have one.

Laura Milewski

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