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Welcome to the information page for advertising rates on   Since one of our goals is to advance the prosperity of residents and businesses in Westborough and the surrounding area, we offer advertising space for local businesses so more "Westboronians" may learn about them.

These rates are valid through December 2010.
Wait -- thru December 2011!  Yes, no increase! 
Even STILL -- "our 2013 post-recession special!" -- these rates
valid through JULY 1, 2013.
Once again, NO INCREASE!  Rates valid for ALL OF 2014.

We currently offer:

  • Banner ads, either on the front page of or in selected internal sections. There will be three types of advertisements: Top Image Banners,  Side Images, and Text Links.  These run for a contracted period of time.
  • Site-wide Article ads, also known as a "Business Profile" article.  These are just like standard articles you see on the site.  The intention is for these ads is to provide a somewhat in-depth business profile where you may describe your business and its offerings in some detail.  The business must be either owned by a local resident, or located in Westborough MA and the surrounding area.  Text up to 1000 words, up to 3 images, and links will be accepted in the article. These paid article ads will be "permanent" articles, and will remain on the site to be available for search engines.  That is, they will not expire.  There is a one-time fee for such ads, and a minor fee for subsequent updates.  Final text must meet the approval of  you provide the initial copy, and there is no charge for editing your initial submission.  (Please note, the article will be labeled as a paid advertisement.)

    This option qualifies you for a free text link ad for the first year your article appears, if space is available.  If no text link space is available, you will be eligible for a limited-run banner ad if subscription space is available.
  • "Limited-run" front page article ads. These are smaller articles up to 300 words, which show in the front page article stream, and run for up to one month.  After that, they are removed from the site.  These may be useful for short-term needs, such as to promote an event or a sale.   They may also be scheduled to run at a specific time in the future, through the assignment of a "start date" and a "finish date".  Note, these articles may indeed scroll down as other content is published to the front page.  This article, too, will be labeled as a paid advertisement.
  • Text "link" ads. These offer two or three lines of text and a link to your site, or to a single page we will host for you if you wish.

Please note: as of March 28, 2010, we no longer offer discounted rates based on length of ad purchase time.  All ads will now be fixed per month, their value set near their formerly maximum discounted value of a 1-year purchase period.  Advertisers may choose how many months they may wish to run their ad.

Monthly advertising rates will not be pro-rated.  E.g. if you wish to run an monthly-based type of advertisement for just a few days to promote a special weekend offer, you will be charged for a full monthly rate. reserves the right to continue running ads past their paid term, unless otherwise requested.  E.g. if you buy 3 months of banner advertising; we may choose to continue running your banner ad for months 4 and 5, at no obligation to you.  Yes, this does indeed constitute "free advertising"!  We will not bill you for such "expired" ads that we continue at our discretion.  Any expired ads may be removed at any time, as we choose.

In the case of time-sensitive ads, will will of course expend our best efforts to honor those with formally scheduled end-dates.  E.g., if a sale is advertised running up until July 4th, we will schedule the ad to expire on July 5th.  (If such a request had not already been made at the time of ad purchase.)

We will be happy to remove any ad upon written request from an authorized representative of the advertiser.

There are no refunds for paid advertisements., however, reserves the right to issue rebates to advertisers at any time for any reason.

Business and Organization Directory: Anyone may create a listing in the the business directory for free, subject to being located in, serving, or being owned by a resident in Westborough and the surrounding area.  Images such as an icon (80x80) and logo (300w x 250h) may also be added to your directory entry, free of charge.

If you would like to request more info or to purchase ads please send us a note:

Front Page

Top Image Banner

One image is randomly
displayed from a pool
of up to 10 active ad
subscriptions at 
any one time.

Image will link to URL of
advertiser's choice.

The Top Banner appears 
ALL pages on the site!


Front Page

Side Image Banner
220x124 (16:9)

2 or 3 images are randomly 
displayed from a pool of
of up to 10 active ad
subscriptions at
any one time.

Images will link to URL of
advertiser's choice.

(Normally Front Page only.)


Front Page

Text Link
Up to 5 links with descriptions
are randomly displayed from
a pool of up to 25 active ad
subscriptions at 
any one time,

(Normally, Front Page only,
however, please contact us
for placement on dedicated 
sections such as "Schools"
or "Food and Dining".)


Business Directory

Text, Web link,
Icon and Logo

(Limit of 300 words)

Free! Now, and forever.

Site-wide Article
aka "Business Profile"

This is a permanent article
in the "Business" category.
It's similar to the kind of
'featured business' article
that you see in local

By 'permanent', we mean
that the article won't
expire after a set amount
of time.  It will remain
available on the site
for linking, search
engines, and the like.

Permanent Article with
Text, Images, and Links

Limits: 1000 words,
3 images,
up to 5 links.
Must be a business
owned by or located in
the Westborough MA
area (surrounding 6 towns)


A regional business that can
demonstrate that it benefits 
Westborough residents.

One-time Fee: $100

Updates: $10/change if 
customer provides copy;
else consulting rates of 
$70/hr apply as needed..

A Site-wide Article qualifies
for a free text link ad for
a whole year. (See above.)

Front Page Article

(An ad or announcement,
may scroll down as other
articles appear.  Runs for
one month.)

A "one-time" article with
Text, Image, and Links

(Limits: 300 word,
1 image per article,
2 links)

One-time Fee: $20

Article runs for 30 days;
it may be scheduled in
advance as to when it
should appear.

All prices in US dollars

Looking forward to helping your business grow!

The Development Team

P.S.  Here's an image showing ad placement positions on the front page:



Note that we reserve the right to refuse advertisements for any reason.

Our goal is for all advertisements to be useful or helpful to the visitors to

Update history::

21-Dec-2013.  Confirmed same rates for 2014.
04-May-2013.  Reduced maximum number of possible advertisers for image and text banners, i.e. improved probabilities any individual advertiser will be seen.
07-Mar-2013.  Confirmed rates as staying the same at least until 1-July-2013. 
25-Apr-2011.  Updated rates good till Dec 2011.  Also expanded elegibility of business articles to those who benefit Westboronians, too! 
05-Apr-2010.  Clarified word limits on directory listings (300).  Added term "Business Profile" to also describe our "Site-wide Article" ad.
28-Mar-2010.  Removed discounted rate structure and clarified eligibility for listings.

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