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Calendar Notes

Welcome to the Calendar page.  This is an on-going experiment here at where we're trying to aggregate several "official" calendar sources.

This year, we've tried to mimic some of the color-coding used by the master School District calendar.  There's not a lot of options, it's all "Google Calendar" behind the scenes here.

Please try the little "down arrow" button in the very top right of the calendar.  It's next the word "Agenda".  Use that to filter out calendars you may not be interested in.

Town Government events will be in DARK GREEN.

Lastly, PLEASE VERIFY TIMES FOR THESE EVENTS --  I've done my best, but mistakes, typos, or changes after the fact may occur.  Always please check with the event host or official source.


School Events were drawn from the district web site, accessed 02-Sep-2009.

Town Government Events are drawn from the posted Boards & Committees Regular Meeting Schedule.