Religious and Civic Organizations pages re-populated

Written by Michael (admin)
Friday, 08 August 2008 15:36

I've created a page of "web links" for the Religious Organizations in town.  Each link has a small blurb about the organization, taken from their web site.  If you click on their link, you'll go directly to their site.  Check it out!  I've also begun to re-populate the listing of Civic and other Non-profit Organizations in town, as well as redirect old search engines' saved links to direct to this new page.

If you know of any groups who should be listed, or spot a correction that should be made, please let us know via the Contact form link in the site "footer".  Thank you.

Also, we have a new item in the Resource Menu, called "Good Eats!".  (Yes, it's a borrowing from the wonderful Alton Brown -- but not so much a "how to" as a "where can I find?")  This will be our place to log testamonials and reviews of great places to eat in and around town.  Please send us your ideas and comments.

UPDATE: it's been renamed to Food and Dining -- I figured I didn't want to mess with a trademark of the venerable Alton.  Yesi t's not as spicy a menu name, but you get the idea.  (Hmm, should we have picked a more colorful phrase, say, "I'm Hungry!" ?

Last Updated on Saturday, 25 October 2008 20:01