Statement of Purpose

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Thursday, 17 July 2008 20:21 -- Statement of Purpose

Our Mission:  To advance the prosperity of residents and businesses in Westborough and the surrounding area.

1. Create helpful resources for town residents:
    a. Provide news and reference information about the Town of Westborough, both past and present.
    b. Promote online community for discussions regarding town matters.

2. Contribute to the economic and cultural health of the town:
    a. Promote and enhance online experiences for local-area businesses.
    b. Be a catalyst for local entrepreneurship and artistic endeavors.
    c. Facilitate opportunities and connections between Westborough and the world-at-large.

3. Create a premier online destination for Westborough kids and young adults to:  
    a. Submit and share their creative pursuits in all arts and activities; for feedback, recognition, and reward.
    b. Explore and gain skills in collaboration and technology, such as operations and management with itself.

We have a strong commitment to music and the arts, and dedicate at least 10% of our advertising revenue (in addition to in-kind donations) to local or regional cultural endeavors.


Last revised:
27 March 2010 - formally commit in writing to our on-going interests in supporting music & the arts in Westborough and our local region.
7 March 2010 - changed intent of 1b. from "providing a forum" to "promote online community", in recognition of the Westborough Civic Issues Forum becoming available.  That forum is NOT hosted by and actually falls under the aegis of the non-profit "".


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